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About Nactis Synarome

Synarome have produced a wide range of specialities, compositions and aroma chemicals for use in the fragrance compounding industry for over seventy years.

They are now part of Nactis, a French-owned Flavour house, resulting in a portfolio which now covers both the Flavour and Fragrance industries. Nactis are based in Bondoufle, just south of Paris, but the Synarome production facility remains in Chartres.

Full details of the Nactis-Synarome range are available upon request.

Nactis Synarome Brochure

Highlights of the range include:


  • Algenone
  • Ambrarome Absolute
  • Animalis
  • Ceylanyle
  • Cis Jasmone
  • Citral Diethylacetal
  • Decanenitrile
  • Scentolide
  • Vetiverol and Vertiveryl Acetate