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About Borregaard

Borregaard are the world leaders in Vanillin production.

From their headquarters in Norway they produce 3 different ranges of Vanillin for the Fragrance, Flavour and Food Ingredients markets. They are the only company to manufacture vanillin though the lignin process, resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint.

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Their key products are listed below:


  • EuroVanillin REGULAR (Guiacol produced)
  • EuroVanillin AROMATIC (EthylVanillin)
  • EuroVanillin SUPREME (Lignin produced)
  • EuroVanillin CHOCOLATE
  • EuroVanillin PLUS 1200
  • EuroVanillin DAIRY
  • EuroVanillin BORREBON
  • NEW – EuroVanillin Gran 3 (EU Natural)